IMAGE What Makes Jeanneau Boats so Special
Jeanneau boats are a popular choice in the boating industry, and if you're looking for used Jeanneau boats for sale, you can explore a variety of options in the pre-owned boat market. Whether you're interested in sailboats or powerboats, the resale market often offers a range of Jeanneau models that can provide excellent value for bu...
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IMAGE 5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Boat
So, you’re looking for your first boat or perhaps adding to your collection. If you can’t decide on choosing used boats Kent or a brand new boat, this post shares the types of boats on the market and the benefits of choosing these. 
The first thing to think about before choosing a boat is finalising what you're going to use the boat for. Are you a keen fishe...
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IMAGE The Benefits of Having Your Very Own Boat
People enjoy boats for many different reasons; fishing, sailing or just to enjoy the gentle waves and unwind after a busy week. 
Instead of repeatedly hiring one, or nagging your friend again to see if they can take you out on theirs, why don’t you consider getting one of the many boats for sale for yourself? There are lots of benefits that come with owning a boat:
For the...
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IMAGE Best Sailing Spots in the World
Our planet is covered in water, in fact, 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water leaving only a measily 29% for us land mammals. These facts can prove rather restricting to most humans, down to the fact we cannot walk on water. This is where a boat comes in handy. A Boat unlocks 100% of the earth surface for your exploration. THAT is freedom. Now, where are the best spots on the globe...
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IMAGE 5 Sailing Tips for Everyone
When examining your sailing ability to find out your strengths and areas of weakness you enable yourself to hone in on the aspects of sailing that cap your performance and ability of your vessel. We have compiled 5 tips that can apply to all boat owners to help you get the most out of your boat, and yourself. From buying new gear to performance analysis, here are our top tips to help you improve s...
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